Harvard’s Fossil Fuel Investments Are Illegal, Alleges Complaint

Legal Strategy Has the Potential to Reshape Institutional Investing Nationwide

Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard is a movement that believes that if it’s wrong to destroy the planet, it’s wrong to invest in that destruction.
APPENDIX C from the complaint: financial performance of the stock market generally (top) versus financial performance of fossil fuel companies specifically (bottom) since 2011. Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard began calling on Harvard to divest in 2012.
APPENDIX A from the complaint: long-term flood risk to Harvard’s campus under the status quo (left) and under a more optimistic emissions reduction pathway (right). Maps prepared by Dr. James E. Hansen, Columbia University.

Read the full complaint: https://climatedefenseproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Harvard-Fossil-Fuel-Investment-Complaint.pdf. And see the updated list of signatories: https://divestharvard.medium.com/support-continues-to-grow-for-ag-divestment-complaint-277a42898385



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Divest Harvard

We made Harvard commit to divestment. Now, the fight continues for climate and endowment justice.