• Julieta Zúñiga

    Julieta Zúñiga

  • Mary Kay Benson

    Mary Kay Benson

  • ActionAid USA

    ActionAid USA

    An international network building a just, equitable & sustainable world in solidarity w/ communities on the frontlines of poverty & injustice. actionaidusa.org

  • Owen Farley

    Owen Farley

  • Jane Collins

    Jane Collins

  • Kyle Rosenthal

    Kyle Rosenthal

    Kyle is a student at Boston College studying information systems, operations management, and social impact. He works for the marine non-profit Element Hope.

  • Thomas Stoney Bryans

    Thomas Stoney Bryans

    Designer, environmentalist, big-picture thinker, cyclist, Londoner, and general optimist

  • Traylorkari


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