Follows report finding numerous conflicts of interest in university climate research

In a joint action, Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard, the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign, and Stop Harvard Land Grabs called for an end to dirty money in the academic process.

CAMBRIDGE, MA: Harvard’s recent commitment to fossil fuel divestment, after ten years of protest, was a historic victory for activists and for the planet. And now, fresh off this win, activists are continuing to hold the university accountable for its fossil fuel entanglements. Earlier this week, a report revealed that…

A new report released today finds that Harvard research is awash in fossil fuel money — and that this puts Harvard’s research mission at risk. Read the report here.

CAMBRIDGE, MA: Earlier this semester, activists and the planet scored a historic victory when Harvard University was finally driven to commit to divestment from fossil fuels. But the fight for climate justice at Harvard is far from over. As a new report reveals, industry influences continue to occupy a dangerous…

Students Got Harvard to Divest. Now, the Movement is Showing Harvard How to Rise to the Challenge of the Future

In September of 2021, following a decade of campaigning by students, faculty, and alums, Harvard University committed to divestment from the fossil fuel industry. For a university that had time and time again publicly embraced the fossil fuel industry and its vision for the future, it was a major reversal…

In first in-person action of the year, students and alums call for Harvard to turn the tide and end its climate inaction

CAMBRIDGE — While students were moving into their dorms, numerous climate disasters such as Hurricane Ida were wreaking havoc across the world, including in the hometowns of Harvard’s community members. With the ensuing trauma and hardship, many students are increasingly unable to leave disasters behind when they enter Harvard’s gates…

The legislation, say backers, is made necessary by the danger that Harvard’s climate inaction poses for the people of Massachusetts

The Massachusetts General Court, or the state legislature, meets in the Boston State House (Photo: King of Hearts, Wikimedia Commons)

Responding to the risks that Harvard’s roughly $840 million in fossil fuel investments pose to the public interest, Representatives Mike Connolly (D — Cambridge) and Erika Uyterhoeven (D — Somerville, HBS ’19) introduced a bill utilizing the Legislature’s Constitutional oversight authority to compel the university to divest from fossil fuels…

For second consecutive year, alumni deliver mandate for climate action

Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard is a movement that believes that if it’s wrong to destroy the planet, it’s wrong to invest in that destruction.

Every year, Harvard alumni elect new members to the Board of Overseers, one of the university’s two governing boards. In 2020, the Harvard community secured a historic victory by electing three pro-divestment candidates to the board. Now, despite the university changing the election rules to limit democratic participation, alumni have…

Divest Harvard

We call upon Harvard to #divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies and reinvest responsibly.

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